HU The Most Beautiful Prayer:

HU is an ancient name for God. Singing HU has been practiced for thousands of years to achieve upliftment and to attain a higher spiritual awarness. It is in many hymns as "alleluia". It comes from the two words "Allah" and "HU" joined together which over time became alleluia or hallelujah. It can be sung inwardly or outwardly, in times of stress or during your daily meditation or contemplation. If you have ever chanted "Om", give chanting "HU" a try to see what you experience.

Below are two links, a recording of 100s of people chanting HU and a video about experiencing miracles.

HU Chant:
HU    HU Chant

Miracles Video:
Miracles    Miracles Video


Clan Kennedy:

The official Web site of the Kennedy Society of North America. The Kennedy Society was founded at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in 1973. They are a non-profit social and historical organization interested in the Celtic peoples, particularly the Scots, Scots-Irish, and the Irish Kennedys and their descendants who came to America.

Kennedy Society    Kennedy Society of North America


Scotland is currently striving to be at the cutting edge of environmental sustainability and a large part of the climate change agenda involves reforesting as much of the country as possible – and this is where Trees4Scotland come in.

Trees4Scotland (T4S) are calling on clan support from all over the world to plant trees in their current project, Teaghlach Wood (meaning family or clan) which is located near the village of Comrie in Scotland’s central Highlands.

Trees4Scotland have made the legacy aspect even more meaningful by erecting on site honours boards displaying the names of the various individuals, clans and societies who have contributed to the woodland. Even if we all planted just one tree we would be able to make a massive different – and shape history.

Teees4Scotland    Trees4Scotland

Specialized Tours and Living History:

Timemasters - Reproduces for you the feelings and atmosphere of various periods in history and famous characters. They also take their education programme into the local schools. The team of experienced actors and actresses will take you back to those times and live up to their motto of....'BRINGING THE PAST TO LIFE FOR YOU'

Time Masters    Timemasters

Scottish Historic Sites:

Historical account of the Scottish borders, border reivers, its People, its history.

Cowdenknowes    Barony of Cowdenknowes, Scotland

Scottish Dog Lovers:

The Heelan' Hound - Custom Tartan clothier for your discriminating dog.

Heelan' Hound      The Heelan' Hound

Scottish Games and Festivals:

The Association of Scottish Games and Festivals (ASGF) provides its member organizations with a clearinghouse of ideas, resources, and information to assist them in the production of Highland Games throughout the United States.



Highlander Radio, the number one Celtic Radio station for the best in Celtic music!!!

Visit Highlander Radio for the best in Celtic music!    Highlander Radio

RathKeltair, has been described as "acoustic trad mixed with spine-tingling euro-pop as performed by jaded ex-rockstars."

Rathkeltair    Rathkeltair

Mother Grove is energetic & powerful with an on-stage chemistry that makes you feel right at home.

Mother Grove    Mother Grove

Barley Juice - a great "drinking music" band has been described as a "toe tapping, hand clapping, whiskey drinking, crowd pleasing, high stepping music that makes the blood flow a little faster."

Barley Juice    Barley Juice

Henri's Notions, a Southern Celtic band with a rich mixture of Irish, Scottish and Appalachian tunes and songs.

Henri's Notions    Henri's Notions

Ed Miller, a Scot who now makes his home in Texas, is a singer of melodic ballads some of which contain his very entertaining sense of humor and dry wit.

Ed Miller     Ed Miller

MacTalla Mór, Gaelic for Great Echo, with a dynamic mix of Traditional Celtic, Roots Rock, Calypso, Blues and Jazz.

MacTalla Mór    MacTalla Mór

The Rogues, formed in Houston, TX, are international performers of North America and Scotland. Both bagpipers have the distinction of being major award winners in their field.

The Rogues    The Rogues

Bed & Breakfast Links:

I can't recommend highly enough the hotel/reataurant/pub and two B&B's in Scotland, listed below. I was extremely pleased with the accommodations and their central locations. The owners at all three could not have been nicer. They treated me like family.

Fortrose (outside Inverness):
The Anderson, where I stayed during my latest visit, is a historic building in the quaint seaside village of Fortrose, on the Black Isle. Just outside the main entrance and across the road is the Fortrose Cathedral ruins. Also a short walk away is the beach and harbor. The food served in the restaurant is incredible and they have an every changing menu. Many dishes are made with ingredients fresh from their own home garden. Just outside of Inverness, it is convenient to it and many other attractions in the area.

The Anderson    The Anderson

AmarAgua is a comfortable Victorian residence, conveniently located around the corner from a main bus route, 10 minutes from the main tourist attractions, such as “Edinburgh Castle” and the famous “Royal Mile”.

AmarAgua    AmarAgua Guest House


White Lodge Guest House is a beautiful Victorian Bed and Breakfast located in a quiet residential area, just off the main road to Loch Ness and Fort Willam, in the highland capital of Inverness.

White Lodge    White Lodge